Hebitat Games is an independent game development studio founded by Jorge Hurtado and Daniel Velez, from Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Daniel (left) and Jorge (right) showing off PokerPad’s first beta.

Let’s Start With Why

Games are one of the greatest expressions of creativity. If done right, they can create rewarding and truly memorable moments.

We love to play, design and develop games. But not any kind of games. Our focus is on creating innovative local multiplayer experiences that encourage real connections between friends and family.

After the explosion of online gaming, we predict a slow but definitive shift back to our roots: spending more time with the people around us and improving that experience by taking advantage of all the technology that is now at our fingertips.

A Team of Two

Jorge and Daniel started working together in 2015. Jorge has a business and marketing background, while Daniel brings his expertise in design and development. They both share a passion for gaming, entrepreneurship, solving problems and designing effective user experiences. PokerPad is their first game, and they are currently working together on the future of the game, as well as other projects. If you are interested in making the team larger than two, please send us a message. More about Jorge. More about Daniel.

Three Things We Take Seriously

USERS: We put user satisfaction on top of everything. We won’t sacrifice it for frustrating monetization schemes or annoying social components. We only add features that we think will improve your experience.

QUALITY: We strive to make the highest quality products possible with the resources that we currently have. We actively update our products to fix and improve them.

VALUES: We are nice guys and have decided to work exclusively with nice people. On top of being qualified for the job, we look for responsible and respectful co-workers, with a good sense of humor.